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Economic and mathematical models of cash flows for e-commerce enterprises

Market Infrastructure, v.31, 2019

Article Keywords: economic and mathematical model, cash flows, conversion, contextual advertising

market infrastructureThe article is devoted to economic and mathematical models of cash flows at Ukrainian e-commerce enterprises. Nowadays, the best financial management practices use the models of cash flows aimed at determining the optimal stocks of working capital. This study deals with two economic and mathematical models that have been created to assess the effectiveness of investing in the growth of e-commerce enterprises.

The first model determines the appropriateness of investments in an advertising campaign based on contextual advertising.  The second model defines the feasibility of website optimization activities aimed at increasing the conversion rate of visitors to customers provided a constant number of visitors. The combination of these two models allows to choose the right direction of financial management at e-commerce enterprises, which is based not only on increasing turnover but also on improving the efficiency of the funds’ exploitation.

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Importance of E-commerce in the development of economy and business

Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management, v.4 (2), 2017

Article Keywords: e-commerce, e-commerce market, economy, Internet-technologies, business

Economics, Entrepreneurship, ManagementThe article investigates the tendencies of a global e-commerce market and its legislative regulation. The value of e-commerce for domestic businesses as well as the main advantages of electronic commerce over the traditional one is shown. The features of e-commerce implementation in Ukraine are determined.


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Significance of cash flow analysis during the assessment of the Ukrainian enterprises’ efficiency

Economy: the realities of time, v.3 (31), 2017

Article Keywords: cash flows, efficiency of the activity, significance of cash flow analysis, net profit, net cash flow

Economy the realities of timeThe article covers theoretical aspects of the importance of cash flow analysis as a whole. Traditional methods of analyzing the efficiency of enterprise’s activity are investigated and their weaknesses are determined in comparison with cash flow analysis. Opinions of domestic scientists concerning the significance of cash flow analysis and management are systematized and foreign approaches towards the assessment of the enterprise’s efficiency are shown.

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Influence of factors on the cash flows of enterprises in light of the European integration processes in Ukraine

Economy: the realities of time, v.1 (29), 2017

Article Keywords: cash flows, European integration, factors of influence, macroeconomic factors of influence

Economy the realities of timeThe article highlights problematic issues with regards to the influence of factors on the cash flows of Ukrainian enterprises in light of the European integration processes. The significance of various factors influencing the enterprise’s cash flows is explored and the peculiarities of these factors’ influence on the formation of different types of cash flows are systematized. The consequences of the influence of the European integration processes are determined and their impact on the results of cash flows formation at Ukrainian enterprises is described.

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Modern Concept of Determining of the Essence of Cash Flows and Their Types

Young Scientist, v.8 (48), 2017

Article Keywords: cash flow, cash flows, types of cash flows, digital cash flow, free cash flow

Young Scientist

In this article we critically examined the approaches to determining the essence of cash flows by foreign and domestic researchers. We also proposed the concept of the delimitation of the essences of cash flows that have different meaning. The system of classification according to the objectives of cash flow management is created in article.  We also proposed the new types of cash flows which are formed in modern economic condition.

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Improvement of tools for cash flow analysis of e-commerce companies

Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice, v.3 (30), 2019 (Web of Science)

Article Keywords: dotcom bubble, e-commerce, free cash flow, net free cash flow, analysis of coefficients.

Financial and credit activity problems of theory and practiceThe article is devoted to the study of new methods of cash flows analysis at e-commerce enterprises. The study of these methods included an investigation of some historical facts that served as an impetus for the development of a methodology for assessing the enterprise’s reliability in terms of its investment attractiveness. The history of the financial crisis that occurred in the USA during 2001-2004 and is widely known as the dotcom bubble is investigated. The approach to assessing the performance of the company in terms of profits completely discredited itself, which led to the bankruptcy of many companies, the opening of litigation for abuse and fraud by equity funds, and the loss of confidence in the IT industry as a whole. After this crisis, the approach to assessing the effectiveness of e-commerce changed, thus, the efficiency of the company’s activity was analysed not by profit, but by cash flow. Nowadays, the concept of free cash flow is introduced for analysing the investment attractiveness of enterprises.

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Evaluation of cash flows at different stages of enterprise’s life circle

European multi scientific journal, v.26, 2019

Article Keywords: cash flows, estimation, quadrant of interests.

European multi scientific journalThe article deals with the methodology of estimating cash flows depending on the enterprise’s life cycle stage. It was suggested to use various indicators of cash flows depending on the life cycle of the company. The tools of cash flow estimation have been improved in order to meet the needs of parties interested in the results of the analysis.

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Theoretical and methodological approaches to the definition of the essence of e-commerce and its types

Slovak international scientific journal, v.1 (10), 2017

Article Keywords: e-commerce, web-site, business-to-business, business-to-consumers, government-to-business.

Slovak international scientific journalThe article considers the main tendencies of the industry development. The essence of e-commerce, its main features and differences from the traditional one are determined. The system of classification of e-commerce has been developed in accordance with the peculiarities of its implementation in Ukraine. Е-commerce models for wholesalers are developed.

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Peculiarities of financing e-commerce enterprises

Stability of the national economy: problems and ways to ensure, May 25, 2019

Stability of the national economy problems and ways to ensureIn the context of the rapid development of e-commerce in Ukraine, it should be born in mind that this activity has a number of specific features with the complexity in external financing. In particular, the main activity of enterprises in this industry is based on the exploitation of intangible assets that are not the object of interest for financial institutions that issue business development loans under the guarantee of the investment objects value (the website). Issuing credits for the development of Internet business is not a widespread practice in Ukraine. In order to launch the own project, one needs to contact banks that are able to offer a loan for five years. Entrepreneurs can count on the amount of up to UAH 1 million. The average interest rate varies from 18 to 25% per annum.

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Impact assessment of external factors on cash flows of e-commerce companies

Innovative technologies in the development of modern society, April 18–19, 2019

Innovative technologies in the development of modern societyResults of the research found that external factors have a significant impact on the cash flows of e-commerce companies. All external factors are divided into two levels. The first level consists of the determined indicators, which include competition, commodity market and e-commerce market. Competition exerts the greatest impact among all these indicators. The second level comprises undetermined factors. This is a set of macroeconomic indicators, which are combined in one indicator for the purpose of calculating the cost impact on cash flows. The yield of T-bills is taken as the indicator of the impact of macroeconomic factors, the calculations of which include the dynamics and forecasts of inflation processes, the level of economic development, monetary and tax policy, etc.

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Generating incoming cash flows in e-commerce

Problems and prospects of economic and business development and computer technologies in Ukraine, April 17-20, 2018.

Фінансовий ринок інституції та інструментиIn e-commerce, incoming cash flows of operating activities are generated depending on the method of payment of customers. The use of automated payment systems allows the generation of incoming cash flows for the enterprise when the company needs it. The use of electronic payment systems that are not certified by the NBU entails administrative and criminal liability.

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Features of Depreciation of the commercial websites

Financial market: institutions and tools, June 3-6, 2018

Фінансовий ринок інституції та інструментиA commercial site has the ability to gradually reduce its economic usefulness. Therefore, the use of the straight-line method will not reflect the real financial result of e-commerce: since sites receive the main income from their development during the first 2-3 years, it is advisable to use more revenue-proportional depreciation methods. They are a production method or a method of double residual value. However, double-entry is inconvenient for managers and financial analysts, therefore it is more rational to use a straight-line method of depreciation for web-sites.

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Cash flows desynchronization in crisis management of E-commerce companies

International Scientific Conference Anti-Crisis Management: State, Region, Enterprise: Conference Proceedings, Part II, November 17 th., 2017

International Scientific Conference Anti-Crisis ManagementThe established mechanism of preventing the negative effects of cash flow desynchronization allows identify quickly the problem of cash flow insufficiency and introduce a set of effective practical measures, thus enabling a company to cope with the seasonal factor which has a negative impact on the financial activity of the enterprise. Blocking negative consequences in a timely manner positively influences the effectiveness of cash flow management at e-commerce companies.

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